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Seasonal Cleanups [Lawn Maintenance]

When spring rolls around, we can’t help but want to dig in and start our indoor spring cleaning. But did you also know that while spring cleaning is wonderful for inside your homes, its essential for your outdoors?

Seasonal cleanups are an important part to maintain and keep your yard in good health.
Removing old, dead, and organic debris around your home help promotes new and healthy growth for the season. If not removed from your lawn, it can suffocate your grass by blocking out sunlight, oxygen, and other nutrients your grass needs to stay healthy. In addition, if left unchecked, this debris can also result in creating a breeding ground for mold and fungus which can be very harmful for you and your loved ones. This type of atmosphere is also a breeding ground for other potential pests that like to hide. Ex. Snakes, spiders, and mosquitoes.

Bulloch Lawn Care believes that your time with your family and friends is precious. So why fuss with the mess when we are here to do it for you?