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Edging [Lawn Maintenance]

There are many moving parts to creating a beautiful, flourishing lawn. One of these moving parts is key part of lawn maintenance; Edging.

There are two types of edging. The first type of edging is done along flower and mulch beds. To start, you will need either a flat shovel or a moon shovel. These shovels will help you with straight beds as well as contouring for more round and detailed mulch beds. When you begin, find the edge of the current bed and begin by digging down at least 3 ½ to 4 inches. You will do this the whole way around your bed. Once you finish, you will go back around the bed once more with your shovel to remove the excess dirt and weeds while creating a “V” wedge/trench. A nice defining edge not only looks sharp, when your lawn is cut – but also separates the grass and mulch enough that you do now mow over these spots. Once you have removed the excess dirt from the edge, carefully dig and scrape away the old layer of mulch. Its always good to re-mulch your beds each year as mulch does begin to tun to soil. Once this happens, its easier for weeds to grow through your beds. Once all the old mulch, and weeds have been removed you can begin to spread your mulch. Bulloch Lawn Care provides edging services as well as mulching of your color specifications (black, brown and red).

As well, Bulloch Lawn Care strongly recommends not using fabric below the mulch. For two reasons:

Firstly, over time the mulch decomposes and becomes a food source for weeds on top of the fabric.

Secondly, the fabric makes is much easier for the mulch to wash away with heavy rain. The best use of landscape fabric is under decorative gravel, because gravel does not decompose.

Decorative gravel placement is a service also offered by Bulloch Lawn Care.

Edging that is done along sidewalks, and curbs is a different process than edging beds. When edging sidewalks and curbs, generally a powered edger is used. This edger has a blade on it and is guided along the concrete. The blades make a vertical cut that makes a lawn look professional, finished and defined. After using the powered edger, the small amounts of debris will need to be blown off of the sidewalks and curbs. This service is generally provided with each weekly lawn cut.

Clearing and Eding Mulch Beds (3) - Mt Wolf, PA
Clearing and Edging Mulch Beds (2) - Mt Wolf PA
Edging and prepping Mulch bed along sidewalk - Lewisberry, PA