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Lawn Mowing [Lawn Maintenance]

This service may include cutting grass with a mower, line trimming around obstacles, edging sidewalks, and blowing off driveways and walks.

When you leave the care of your lawn to Bulloch Lawn Care you can be sure that your yard will be taken care of properly. There are many things that go into this task that improve the quality of your lawn. Before moving to York, Pa., I started mowing 55 lawns a week back in 1995 and have grown over the years through experience and learning how to get the greenest most drought tolerant lawn with the least amount of water.

Firstly before we even arrive at our first lawn mowing job of the week we inspect under the decks of the lawn mowers and assure that the mower blades are sharp and the decks are clean. We remove the blades from each mower as needed, sharpen, and balance the blades. If a lawn is cut with dull blades the grass turns brown at the top each blade of grass. Not only does this look bad, but it also makes your lawn more prone to get disease.

Secondly, the height of cut is also taken into consideration to assure the best possible health of your lawn. Depending on the part of the season the height of cut on the lawn mowers will vary slightly. Early and late in the season most lawns will be cut around 3 ½ inches, while during the months of July and August when the temperatures are highest and the rainfall is the lowest we raise the blades up slightly so your lawn will be less likely to burn out from the heat of the summer. With most cool season grasses, the worst thing you can do for your lawn is cut it too low. When you cut your lawn very low it encourages weed growth rather than having a healthy lawn of green grass. Your lawn at the proper height blocks most of the sun from getting to the soil level where the weeds have a greater chance of growing. Think of your grass as a canopy blocking the energy of the sun from getting to the weeds.

Lastly, we decide which mower and pattern will best suit your property. We generally start with two passes around the perimeter of the property and house directing the clippings into the lawn and away from planting beds, driveways, your home, and other structures. We choose which mower will suit the given challenges of each property. The larger mowers are used on wide open spaces and care is taken when the mower is turned to limit damage to the lawn. Walk behind mowers are used on hills and in areas where the larger mowers can not safely fit.

As a professional lawn maintenance business we strive to make your lawn look the best. The pattern of the lawn mowing is mainly aesthetic, but we do put thought into putting a pattern on the lawn when we mow it so it will look its best. We also try to alternate the pattern, mainly so we are not tuning the mowers at the same spot every week causing dead spots in the lawn.

Contact Bulloch Lawn Care and have us help improve the quality of your lawn and your life.